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4,000 Steps towards a Healthy Brain

Senior citizens should walk 4,000 steps each day to have a healthy brain, a recent study from India, stated.

According to the study, walking aids in boosting neurological cells. Those who walked most of the time turned out to have a thicker brain and were discovered to possess better memory and thinking abilities. They also tended to make better plans and were better in processing information.

Meanwhile, Dr. Girish Nair, a neurology consultant from Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad, India, noted that physical exercise is beneficial in preventing neuro-degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, as well as other lifestyle conditions.

On the other hand, Dr. P.R. Reddy, a senior general physician, recommended that exercise be done at a stretch. It is not advisable to divide it into several parts.

To make sure that seniors reap the maximum benefits of walking and other forms of physical exercise, it is vital that in their middle years, they have already formed the habit of walking.

Home care services providers would likewise be able to aid seniors as they encourage them to spend more time walking. Doing so, they can then be instruments of better health for them.

(Image Courtesy of Pixabay)

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