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A. 7 Key Things To Know Before Hiring In
7 Key Things To Know Before Hiring In-Home Care in California

This 16-page guide covers the following topics:


1. What Exactly Is Home Care?

2. What are the Benefits of Home Care?

3. What Are My Options for Obtaining Home Care?

4. What Legal and Tax Issues Should I Understand?

5. How Do I Pay for Care & What are the Costs?

6. Which Hiring Option Is Right for Me?

7. How Can I Trust a Care Provider?

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Hospital-to-Home Transition Guide


Your guide to a smoother discharge and transition to care at home.  

Get your free guide that explains the hospital (or skilled nursing) discharge process and provides guidance on a successful transition home.

Simply fill out the form below and download your free report!

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C. HCC Long Term Care Guide (Approved)-1
Long Term Care Insurance Guide

Your guide to getting the benefits you’ve paid for.

Understanding your loved ones long term care insurance policy can be confusing.  We created this guide to help clients understand their benefits, get authorization for care, and start receiving reimbursements. The guide includes information on key provisions such as elimination periods; maximums for daily, weekly, monthly, annual and life-time financial benefits; qualification criteria; etc.

Simply fill out the form below and get your free guide now!

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Frank Broyle’s Playbook for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

This is a practical guide for caregivers and families to care for a loved one with Alzheimer's and dementia.  The guide covers tips for early, middle and late stages.  It has suggestions on how to find the right doctor, legal and financial considerations, communication, creating a support system for the primary caregivers and a lot more.

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