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Client Testimonials & Reviews

“…Homecare California ranked far above all the other agencies that I contacted…”


“I want to express my sincere appreciation to you, Lorene, and Monica for all of the support you provided to establish caregiver services for my mother.  You have a superior team working for you!  Your conversations with me provided the detailed information I needed to make a thorough evaluation of your agency, your staff, and the care you would provide.  There is no question in my mind that Homecare California ranked far above all the other agencies that I contacted in my search, which were many.  On my last visit to California, I passed along my views of your agency and my rationale for selecting your agency to Lillia Zundelevich at Manor Care Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, so that she may share that information with prospective patients requiring in-home care.”  

– Dora Linden, Sunnyvale

“…excellent around the clock (24-hour) care…”

Homecare California provides excellent around the clock (24-hour) care for our Mother.  They give us peace of mind, especially when we occasionally need to be out of state for several weeks. 

–  Art & Della Johnson, Palo Alto

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“…quality customer service does not happen by accident…”

I can’t say enough about how much we’ve appreciated the support we’ve gotten from your staff over the years.  Monica, of course, and Elizabeth before her; also Lorene and Annie while Dad was in rehab and getting ready to come home. Kay and Maudie did great jobs when Dad was getting part-time care and we feel that Victoria and Tonia made an enormous contribution to his quality of life in his final months.  We hope you’re able to find new clients for them quickly.  Don’t hesitate to give us as a reference if a potential client wants reassurance about either of them. Finally, I want to thank you personally.  I know from my own business experience that a firm commitment to quality customer service does not happen by accident; that is, what you value at the top drives the performance of the entire team.  


–  Gerry Henderson, Sunnyvale

"As of this week we have moved my 96 year old mother into Atria Senior Living in Sunnyvale.  Vida has been the care giver ever since the beginning of our relationship with HomeCare California.  We could not have asked for anyone better.  Vida is outstanding in all she does but this week she went way above and beyond expectations.

Tuesday, October 30, Vida organized all of my mother's clothes, personal items, kitchen ware and had it ready for the movers to show up on Wednesday, October 31.  I just received the invoice from the movers and they reduced the bill from the quote by $400.00 because of the organization and reduced time needed to prepare for the move.  This credit is all due to Vida's efforts on Tuesday.

The owner of the moving company told me that the move went so quickly and smoothly due to the organization and help they got from Vida.

I want you to know what a great employee you have there and she deserves recognition for the professionalism and organization she displayed.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the people that have had a hand in assisting my mother but Vida proved to be top notch.

Thank you for all that you do."

- Grant M.

"...making everything so smooth and easy for us."


Thanks so much for all of your help Brooke!  You, Nati and Lucy have been such a pleasure to work with!

Thanks again for making everything so smooth and easy for us.

- Janellle, San Mateo

"I would like to thank Homecare California for your excellent service."

"I would like to thank Homecare California for your excellent service.  In particular, I would like to make note of the exceptional service provided by your caregivers:  Warlita and Narcisa.  I cannot praise them enough for their loving care, hard work, dedication, and wonderful attitude toward a very difficult and demanding job.  Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for your agency and for these wonderful, loving people."

- Bob Gleason, Palo Alto

"...special thanks for the care your team provided my mother for the last 4 years..."

I just wanted  to give a special thanks for the care your team provided my mother for the last 4 years or more.   Especially (most) recently to Trihas ( great meals and kind thoughts) , Akberet (always being there when mom needed some one), and Ravina (for the smiles she always gave my mother)  but also from past service from Valere, Kato and Hella.

- Mike & Gina, Saratoga

"You are very special to us, and we're very grateful for how wonderful you have been with our dad."

"He has been more comfortable with you taking care of hi and has had a more peaceful outlook. We so appreciate what you've done to help him, and for being a friend to Sherry when she really needed one at home. Your relaxed attitude and sweet spirit has made life in our Dad's home better. We will surely miss you. Please come to Utah any time you please. You have a place at Gary's house! Thank you and God Bless You!"

- Gary & Sherry, Sunnyvale

​"I want Greg and Lisa to know how much I have appreciated the special service and care provided by you, your staff and your caregivers..."

I want Greg and Lisa to know how much I have appreciated the special service and care provided by you, your staff and your caregivers for my mom throughout these 5-plus years.  I also would like to make special mention of Tina, who has been so dedicated and caring to my mom over the past three years. The recent four weeks have been a difficult and emotional time, but Tina was here for us when we needed her the most."

 - Barnes Easton, Sunnyvale

“…flexible and accommodating to my Mom’s needs.”

“My Dad passed away in January, leaving behind my Mother who is in her late 80’s.  Mom has dementia and needs care.  Greg and Lisa and their caregivers at Homecare California were flexible and accommodating to my Mom’s needs.  My Mom’s health has gotten a lot better and thanks in part to the Homecare California caregiver, she is successfully transitioning to a healthy and happy widow.” 


– Ron Parsons, Los Altos

"I will definitely recommend Homecare CA..."

"Thank you very much! Again, the service was superlative. I will definitely recommend Homecare CA, no shortage of friends with parents in need."

- Val Northson, San Jose

“…very responsive to all of our needs.”

“I would like to make a strong recommendation for the nursing aid care that Homecare California provided to my mother while she was an in-patient at both Stanford Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center.  I found the director, Greg Hartwell, very responsive to all of our needs.  He was able to provide excellent and well-trained people to assist my mother and support the nursing staff while she was in the hospital.” 

– Dr. Dwight Carson M.D., San Francisco

“I can not say enough good things…”

“I can not say enough good things about how much you and your staff have helped us.  If our situation is ever in need of help, I will contact you and hopefully you will be willing to re-start the whole process.  All of you at Homecare Cal. have been a god send.  All my best, and have a great New Year.”  

–  K.F., Los Altos

“Words don’t describe the appreciation…”

“We thank you all for your efforts in caring for our father and making sure he had a happy and safe time. Words don’t describe the appreciation your services have given to our family.”

– Samuel Stanton, San Jose

“Homecare California was able to provide my Dad with such wonderful care providers..."

“The Gunstaffer Family is so grateful that Homecare California was able to provide my Dad with such wonderful care providers.  Vida will always be in our hearts for her loving and respectful care. Vida will always be in our hearts for her loving and respectful care.”  

 -Katie Gunstaffer, Sunnyvale CA

“I was amazed at how expert the care giver was…”

“We made arrangements for Homecare California to help my parents in Los Altos.  My Dad, who has advanced Parkinson’s, needed help dressing, bathing, toileting, eating and moving.  After a few weeks of providing care myself for my parents, I was amazed at how expert the care giver was at getting in and efficiently and effectively providing this care. She kept my Dad clean, she changed his bed linens with him in the bed and she gave him drinks of water to keep him hydrated.  She sincerely cared.  She talked with him, held his hand and comforted him.  Our situation seemed to change every couple of days so Greg arranged the caregivers schedules to meet our needs.  We were never without the help we needed.”


– Reginald Bowman, Sunnyvale

“Thank you so much for coming to our rescue on such short notice…”

“We are doing very well with both caregivers helping my parents. They are both wonderful! My mom is getting better and dad is behaving and using his walker more since the caretakers remind him to use it. Thank you so much for coming to our rescue on such short notice two weeks ago. We are so grateful!” 

– Janie Culligan, Los Altos

“I want to thank your team for finding me the PERFECT caregiver.”

“I want to thank your team for finding me the PERFECT caregiver. Sandra is a great match and she has exceeded our expectations.  Great job!  

From the first day she came, we were impressed. With past caregivers we have had to create list of what care was needed. To our delight, Sandra was proactive from the moment she arrived and managed to do more than we expected.  She arrived early, started working immediately and never stopped doing things for me for the entire shift.  She is so thoughtful and kind and has tremendous caregiving knowledge.  She is also a cautious, safe driver.  She anticipates my needs and has been very gentle when transporting, bathing and dressing me as I have pain and sensitive skin.  She always asks what my needs are.

I couldn’t believe how much she accomplishes in such short amount of time. The first afternoon she cleaned up my room and emptied my suitcase from my recent trip. Somehow she found the right places to put things and she was able to organize things that were out of place.  The meals she has prepared have been healthy and delicious. She makes sure I eat enough and that I drink plenty of liquids.  She does a great job of helping me out of bed and transferring me to and from my wheelchair.  She is careful to make sure not to bump me when pushing the wheelchair.  Before she leaves, she always makes sure I have everything will need before my husband gets home.

The fantastic care Sandra provides has already made an impact on my physical, mental and emotional well-being.  She has done a tremendous job of relieving the stress my husband and I had been experiencing.  Everything she does, is done with care.  She is one of the best caregivers I have ever had. Thank you for assigning her to me.”  

–  Jean Safire, Campbell

“…thank you for taking such good care of my Dad.”

This is just a little note to thank you for taking such good care of my Dad.  He is doing well at the assisted living home even though he would prefer to be at his home.  Katie and I are very proud of him.  Again, thanks to you and Mark for all the care.


– Linda Hughes, San Mateo

“We were all so impressed…”

“I wanted to thank you and your staff for the quality care you provided my mother during her last few weeks.   We were all so impressed with wonderful people you sent to help us through the difficult nights.   If I can ever be a reference for you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.” 

– Keri Freeman, Sunnyvale

“The caregivers are always very professional…”

“I have been with Greg and his staff for several years now and am very pleased. My father is 91 and has some dementia, The caregivers are always very professional even when my father does or says something inappropiate or unusual. The company makes it very easy to find the correct caregiver, personality and attitude for the job duties that are needed. I cant recommend them enough. Traci especialy is fantastic.” 

– Elizabeth Palmer,  San Jose

“Thank you for providing … such a reliable caregiver!!!” 

“I just wanted to recognized one of your team members, Carmen. The caregiver that was suppose to relieve her was running late–Carmen stayed even though she had an appointment right after her shift.  In the past, some caregivers will leave regardless if someone else is there to relieve them or not. She expressed concern for Janet’s safety if she were to leave her.  Thank you for providing Janet with such a reliable caregiver!!!” 

–  Randi Vassar, Saratoga

“Thank you for making Wednesday’s Parkinson’s Support Group meeting a success.

Several people told me that they had never heard the information presented before.  So you addressed a need I wasn’t even aware of!” 


– Cindy Richardson, Menlo Park

“My Mom and her caregiver are a perfect match …”

“When our Mother needed a 24/7 caregiver we called several agencies.  One of the agencies we contacted was Homecare California who had been recommended by her neighbor.   We respect this neighbor and knew that they had been using Homecare California for several years so that carried a lot of weight with us.

HC brought several caregivers out to my Mom’s house for the family to interview.   We were able to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere and also to explain our needs.  We needed to have someone who could handle the job of caring for our Mom according to our wishes and also to find a personality match.  It was comforting to know that background checks had been done and that we would be bringing someone safe in to her home.

We have been very pleased with Greg and Lisa and their staff.  We like being able to deal directly with the owners for any questions or concerns that we may have.  My Mom and her caregiver are a perfect match and we are very thankful we found her through Homecare California.”

– Robin R.,  San Jose

“…demonstrated a sincere passion for their chosen career paths.”

“My mother truly enjoyed having your personal attendants assist with her care.  Both Socorro and Seta were wonderful individuals who demonstrated a sincere passion for their chosen career paths.   They are an asset to your organization, and both my mother and I would highly recommend them.”   

– Serena Park, daughter of client in San Jose

“Thank you again, for helping my mom have a quality of life she has not had for many years!

Mom commented that she wasn’t sure if she was going to be around much longer…she is tired of fighting all her ailments; anyways, Gerrae  told her that she will be here for awhile.  Mom seemed happier and told Gerrae that she was beginning to like being around now that she has Gerrae and Rina.   I want you to know, that that was the best compliment.  Please share it with your coworkers.  I have worked for the past 9 years to help her have a good quality of life, but could not do that on my own and take care of my daughter. 

I do not know what I would have done if I had not talked to Lorene and Gaby in May.  I was at the end of my rope.  I appreciate all you have done for her and for me.  

– Catherine Lindsey, Menlo Park, CA

“…gave me great peace of mind.”

“Dear Greg and Lisa:  I am writing this to tell you that her caregiver, Elisha, is just fabulous!  She took such good care of Carmen.  Having her there gave me great peace of mind.  As you know, we travel frequently and I worried less knowing that Elisha was there.  I want to give her a glowing recommendation.  If I needed a caregiver I would want it to be Elisha.  Please see that she gets a good client going forward.  She’s one of Homecare California’s greatest assets! ” 

– Patty Sitz, San Mateo

“You truly are very good at your job.” 

“To the wonderful people at Homecare California – Thank you all for helping my family during my mother’s final days.  You truly are very good at your job.” 

–  Family of Linda Zaharias, San Jose

“…wonderful and we are so happy…”

“Dear Gabrielle:  After meeting Germaine yesterday, I am soooo happy I took the plunge and moved over to your agency.  I saw how kind and professional she was to my mom.  She is wonderful and we are so happy with her. :)” 

– Katy Mifflin, Menlo Park

“This is the best I have experienced.”

“Wanted you to know that Mark was very good with my Dad and also made excellent notes in the book so anyone (especially us) would know what has been going on with my Dad – his vitals, his mood and so forth.  His manner was always very calm and supportive with my Dad and that was very good.  He provided some insights that helped get a vaporizer in place to combat the dry air in the apartment that was no doubt exacerbating my Dad’s coughing.  He also recognized and understood the necessity of keeping my Dad from getting further dehydrated.

Thank you again for your screening process for caregivers.  This is the best I have experienced.”

–  B.C., San Jose

“…it gives me comfort that I know I can reach you.”

“I wanted to make sure I sent you a note thanking you and your agency profusely for all of the support and help you are providing in a very difficult elder care situation with my mother.  Belinda, you in particular have been working with me for a while getting my mother use to in-home care and have been so patient and understanding when things are not working.  You provide me with access to speak with you 24/7 and it gives me comfort that I know I can reach you.  You have taken the time to understand my personal situation and constantly work towards getting the best resources.  

I have referred multiple people your way with similar elder care needs as I believe you all do a really professional job.  I feel as though I have a long journey ahead of me with my mother and hope to continue our partnership.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone at your agency – I would tell them that Belinda rocks!  Also happy to act as a referral if anyone is in need of talking with a customer for you all…”   

– Jenny Stone, San Mateo

"My experience with HomeCare California has shown me that Lisa and Greg Hartwell, the owners, are:
  • Committed to excellence – including attaining relevant training for themselves and their caregivers, for instance regarding Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Skilled at working as a team, AND able to rise to the challenge in a difficult situation – we have worked seamless together with several clients, as well as worked tirelessly on one of the more complex cases of my career.

  • Focused on quality care – I look for an agency that takes care of their clients AND their caregivers.

  • Client centered care – the Hartwells pull in resources from a variety of areas to enhance the lives of their clients.


– Julie Groves, OTR/L, Owner of Therapy In Your Home

“…thank you for your part in making today so extraordinary for me."

“Cindy [your caregiver] just left after 5 hours that were inspiring for me, so I wanted to thank you for your part in making today so extraordinary for me.  Because Cindy lives in Redwood City I have been feeling comfortable with the placement from long before today, but this was the first time she and I were out and about and stopped at a shop whose owner I’ve known for over 30 years.  While there having coffee, a few other people came by and 5 of us ended up sitting around talking about a range of things.  Then Cindy and I returned home and I worked out while she helped me with filing.  The epiphany occurred near the end of our morning when Judy talked about our schedule and why the long view is so appropriate for my outlook.

Suffice it to say she offered me wisdom that I will get new energy from moving forward, and it was all done rather low-key and without any great effort.  Perhaps my having taken us to my friend’s shop led up to it, and perhaps my professional life was in there somewhere, but it was Cindy’s observations about my value to others that struck a chord in me, and left me feeling better than I have in a very long time.  I couldn’t resist telling you how much that matters.”

– Larry Benet,  Redwood City, CA

“…always responsive and helpful. "

“Dear Lisa (Hartwell).  Thank you for all of your help.  You are always responsive and helpful.  Thanks again for everything!” 

– Nancy Nelson, Redwood City

“…I could not be more pleased with how things have turned out.”

“I contacted Homecare California because I was looking for a home care worker for my sister, who is disabled and can be quite a handful. We met with Greg and hit it off immediately. He then found the perfect companion for my sister and I could not be more pleased with how things have turned out. My sister’s home care worker is creative, resourceful, compassionate, and goes the extra mile to provide excellent service. We previously used another service and they were not up to the challenge and things didn’t work out. So you can imagine how pleased we are. I highly recommend Homecare California!” 

– Penny Oldman, Palo Alto

“…I would not hesitate to call on the services of HomeCare California.”

“During the last few months that my wife was on hospice, it became evident that I was not going to be able to keep up with an increasingly demanding routine.  To say that I was exhausted, is an understatement.  Besides the cooking, washing, shopping and nursing, I was trying to be at her side constantly.  It was simply too dangerous to leave her alone.  I called Homecare California.  I was impressed with Greg’s demeanor and personable approach. He began making suggestions to make life more bearable at home.  The next day, he introduced me to a very skilled woman  with certified nursing assistant skills.  Upon her arrival each morning, she had a pleasant greeting and then went straight to work.  Besides caring for my wife, she took on the cleaning, laundry and cooking jobs that had been wearing me down.  My wife looked forward to her daily arrival. Without a doubt, given the same situation, I would not hesitate to call on the services of HomeCare California."

– James Cook, San Jose

“…gives me so much peace of mind…”

“THANK YOU for having such great caregivers to take care of my mom!!  It gives me so much peace of mind… I don’t know how I could have gone so long without knowing about your agency!!  I really feel like I can regain some of my life back and just be her daughter again. That means the world to me. THANK YOU!!!!” 

– Kathy Sanders, Menlo Park

“I was especially impressed with your clear regard for my dad’s personal sense of dignity...”

“Thank you so much for this information and for taking the time to speak with me. I felt reassured that my dad would receive compassionate and skillful care through your agency. I was especially impressed with your clear regard for my dad’s personal sense of dignity as well as your sensitivity to my sister’s experience as the family caregiver.  I shall read the material you sent. I believe my sister will be calling you to arrange for services.   Best regards.”  

–  Marie Swenson, daughter of client living in San Jose

“I have not heard my mom this happy in a long time.”

“Oh Monica.  Rina is FABULOUS!!!!  I hope she wants to come back….My mom really likes her and they get along great. I have not heard my mom this happy in a long time.  THANK YOU!!!!!”   

– Katy Lewin, daughter of client living in Los Gatos

“…one of the best care givers I have come in contact with!”

“I want to thank you for sending Claire over to assist my mother on her birthday so that we could take her out to dinner!   Claire was one of the best care givers I have come in contact with!  She was on time, professional, prepared, and very attentive to my mother throughout the evening.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an exceptional care giver.”

– Terry Selzer, San Mateo

“In appreciation for your assistance and a well done job!” 


– Isaac Cohen, Redwood City

“…will do their absolute best to meet your needs.”

“Recently my wife who is fully disabled had to be admitted to the hospital one night. The hospital could not provide someone to sit with her overnight, so I called Homecare California. Greg and Lisa went all out, at that very short notice, to find someone who could help – and they did.  It’s a great feeling to have a relationship with people who you know will do their absolute best to meet your needs”. 


– Gary Valbona, Hillsborough

“Greg and Lisa impressed us with their warm caring attitude and with their integrity.”

“After interviewing several home care providers to help provide services for my wife, we selected Homecare California.  Greg and Lisa impressed us with their warm caring attitude and with their integrity.  Kim, the in home care giver assigned to us, is also a warm, caring, compassionate woman.  My wife quickly felt very comfortable having Kim assist her.  They have been very accommodating when we have had to make changes to our schedule.” 

– Kip Corchran, San Jose

“…provides excellent professional service…”

“Homecare California provides excellent professional service with attention to our specific needs and promptly return phone calls.  We have peace of mind that our loved one is being well cared for.” 

– Stacy Hansen, Burlingame

“I highly recommend Homecare California, Inc., for the best care possible.”

“My husband and I had planned a family trip for several months, when we found out that it was necessary for us to care for my aunt, who is terminally ill.  I did extensive research to find the best caregiver possible to stay with my Aunt during our absence.    We chose Homecare California, Inc. to provide the service that we needed for my Aunt.  Greg and Lisa were extremely professional and thorough with selecting the appropriate caregiver for our circumstances.  I had complete confidence that my Aunt was in good hands.  Greg was always responsive to my many questions, and Lisa’s follow up just prior to our trip was most reassuring.  Every detail was discussed, and a plan was put into place that was tailored to the care we needed. I highly recommend Homecare California, Inc., for the best care possible.” 

– Kay Lynch, Redwood City

“I was more than satisfied with the care I received.” 

– Mary Harvin, Palo Alto

“…detailed oriented and take the time to understand all aspects of the client…”

“I have had the pleasure to work with Homecare California with several of my clients. Lisa and Greg Hartwell are detailed oriented and take the time to understand all aspects of the client- their physical, mental and psychosocial function.  They do a fabulous job of understanding the client’s personality and match with trained professional caregivers who exhibit both skill and compassion while following an individual care plan.  Their caregiver’s observation and communication skills are superb as they help make my job easier to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle for the older adult. ”


– Kathy Faenzi, MA, Clinical Gerontologist,  Burlingame

“…fantastic and I’d recommend them as a first stop to anyone entering the frightening world of parent care.”

“My experience with HomecareCA has been fantastic and I’d recommend them as a first stop to anyone entering the frightening world of parent care.

The reason I went to Homecare California originally was of all the places I called, they were the most helpful and responsive on the phone and in email.  Never initially or since did send them a message and not hear back on my cell first within a couple of hours – even late at night!    That process started a few months ago when my dad (late Parkinson’s) had a sudden massive drop in his condition and ended up in the ER and it was clear we could not bring him home again without 24/7 help.

Getting into this world, I was completely at my wits end and way in over my head.  Before we ever signed a contract, Greg and his network of contacts was critically helpful to us navigating difficult circumstances and guiding us through getting what we needed at the hospital, arranging interviews and starting care in a nursing home and then transitioning care to in our home.

We are constantly stressed out and with changing needs and it never stresses them out – they just assure us we’ll have what we need and they’ve regularly achieved the impossible.    The caregivers have all also been excellent.  We had some specific needs in caring for my dad and never have they sent us someone that wasn’t fully capable of the job and a pleasure to have in our home.

I think the thing that feels unique about this organization is that they really try to help make up for what is so lacking in our medical system – whole patient care.   My dad has late Parkinson’s with a lot of complications and each specialist is concerned with a small part of the problem and the interactions of the problems and treatments have been rough.  And then there is the incredible stress on our family.   Homecare California has really been the glue for us to not just get home providers, but to hook up up with help for all aspects of our situation and people that could really advise us.   And multiple times they’ve proactively called us with concerns or made suggestions that were all right spot on and critical to my parent’s quality of life.   I’ve felt like I had a real partner in our situation.” 

– Diane Casey, San Jose

“…giving us piece of mind and confidence in the future."

“All of our Homecare California care-givers are giving us piece of mind and confidence in the future. They are knowledgeable and thorough in their work which allows our life to continue nicely with all of us focusing on our beautiful grandchildren (who think “grandpa’s nannies” are terrific).  Greg and Lisa Hartwell are making a contribution to the community by making available such a fine resource for the Senior Citizens.” 

– Bev Shearson, Sunnyvale

“…what a joy your caregivers … were to my dad during our trip.”

“I can’t express what a joy your caregivers Carmen and Susan were to my dad during our trip. They were gracious, fun, thorough, just completely more than fit the bill for what I prayed for.  I am so grateful to your company and to them. Thank you so very much.”   

–  Mindy Eaverson, Los Gatos

“…very happy with everything they’ve done for our family.”

“We’ve been clients of Homecare California for many months now and are very happy with everything they’ve done for our family. They took time to understand our situation and quickly provided us with a number of caregivers to interview. We were able to quickly find someone who was a *perfect* fit — she has become an invaluable extension of our family.” 

– S.W. , San Jose

Names and identities of all clients providing testimonials are disguised to protect their confidentiality and privacy.
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