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I contacted Homecare California in searching for an agency to provide care for my mother. I live out of state and it can be challenging looking for a care provider. I was able to get in contact with a care manager to set up an appointment to discuss what type of care is needed for my mother while I was in town. I was quite impressed how knowledgable and informative the care manager was. She sold me immediately with her soft approach and compassionate demeanor. I knew this was going to be a great fit for my mother and I. Homecare California was able to move quickly in finding a perfect match for my mother. Our care giver is attentive, caring, and passionate about what she does. I can not thank Homecare California for all of their support in this new transition in our lives. We have been with them for over 3 months and look forward to continuing our services with them.


My mom is a current client of Homecare California and I am extremely pleased with the caregivers and they are truly caring and compassionate with mom. The caregivers cook good and help with laundry and other things around the house. They are also very well trained and have a lot of experience with Dementia care. At the beginning my mom and dad was not so receptive of having anyone come in to their home but after the lady from Homecare California came to the house and did the initial assessment, they felt relieved and so did I. Now mom is so happy to see her caregiver every morning and she truly looks forward in to doing the activities that they do together. I couldn't be more pleased when dealing with the Management and Staff at Homecare California, they take the time to make sure mom is cared for and I am well informed. I would like to thank Homecare California for helping improve the quality of life for my mom. I would recommend Homecare California to everyone!!

Natis Family 

Our family needed a part time caregiver for our 99 year old father. Our first experience was with another company who could have cared less and who's service was below standard. When we changed to Homecare CA we were skeptical about the entire industry. After our first visit with the lady who does the intake for Homecare CA we were relieved and knew that Dad would be in excellent hands. It has been a few months now and we couldn't be happier. Homecare has the Skills and the Will to care for Seniors. Our caregiver (nope not gonna give her name.... she is ours!) is AWESOME!! She uses common sense, is always happy; dependable and knows how to cook! Thank you Homecare California for helping to improve the quality of life for Dad. To those who are not sure.... TRUST ME you will not go wrong with HOMECARE CALIFORNIA! From the ladies who do the intake to the Schedulers to the Caregiver to the Management... they all care and are sincere in their efforts. Thank you Homecare California for all you do! PS Dad will turn 100 in 1 month and he is doing well!!


Homecare California has been an excellent resource for our family. I would like to commend Client Care Manager, Rosa Baltodano, for going over and beyond in helping us review all of our options in the transitional care of our beloved uncle who suffers from Alzheimer's. Rosa was compassionate and diligent in walking us through the process. Thank you Rosa and Homecare California for your attentiveness and support!

Colorado Cathy 

The ladies at Homecare California are the best. I suddenly found myself in a situation living out of state and caring for my very special great aunt in CA. I contacted Homecare and have had nothing but the best of all worlds. First, they had already been visiting my aunt from a previous illness so the transition was super easy. We discussed at great length the concerns I had for my aunt and what I wanted to see happen. Everything down to the smallest details have been taken care of for my aunt . She loves being in her own home and Rosa, Zoa, Belinda, Nadia and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone have been over the top in care and concern for my aunt. She loves them all also. I truly recommend them from the bottom of my heart. Thanks ladies for making this situation a little easier to deal with. Cathy Goza

Ken L 

My 86 year old mother had a fall last month and needed daily help. Fortunately, Mom didn't need in-home medical care, however, she did need help around the house and outside (errands, appointments, etc.) as walking, even with her walker, was difficult. Homecare California has done an excellent job attending to my mother's needs. From the beginning, the staff has been professional, considerate and conscientious. We had an initial interview to determine how Homecare California could best help Mom. Since then, my family and I have felt comfortable that Mom, who lives alone in her house, has had the best care and attention possible. I highly recommend that anyone looking for in-home help for a loved one work with Homecare California!


My Mom is a former client of Home Care California. The caregivers they provide were excellent! The agency really worked hard at matching my mother's needs with caregivers who could take care of her (she required 24/7 care after her d/c home), The agency checked in frequently to make sure everything was going well and made changes when necessary. I would recommend Home Care California to anyone who wanted consistent, quality care for a family member who needed it. I would definitely use this company again!!


My family has been incredibly impressed with Homecare California. As you can imagine, seeking support for a loved one is one of the most several stressful things when so much else is simultaneously going on. Greg (who owns it and also dealt with my situation) does a great job understanding the needs of his customers - asking thoughtful questions that helped get us the right caregiver "fit". They seem to do a great job recruiting talented and caring staff - as we were very impressed with those we met. A highly recommended solution for a stressful time.


Great company. Homecare California provided care for my mother who has Alzheimer's disease. They found a great caregiver who is very patient and experienced in dementia care. I recommend them highly.

Curtis O

I had been having trouble finding a good care provider for my Dad. I ended up getting a referral from a client of mine that had used Homecare California. I met with Greg and his team and was very impressed. I have to say the care they have been providing my father for the last 2 months has been excellent. Taking care of an aging parent is very difficult but Homecare California has sure made it easier.


I have in home care services from Homecare California. They are good, except for the bookkeeping. They send an invoice every week instead of once a month. However, they are very good. I don't have any complaints, and I have caregivers that I really like. I think I have three different caregivers for four hours, five days a week with my mother. They play dominoes, talk, and watch TV. They help her to the rest room and with her walker around the house. I think they are a good team of caregivers.


I think that any homecare agency is only as good as the individual caregiver. The company itself is very reliable, they are obviously outstanding, and they have their bonds and insurance. That is the first criteria that I would ask. Beyond that, Homecare California has been very helpful in getting the right caregiver for my mother. She has two different ones, and if somebody can't come because they are sick or have another situation, they find another person right away. It is only as good as the caretaker, and my mother is very pleased with the two ladies that help her. If we can never find anybody she is happy with, I wouldn't be able to give this agency a very good score. It really depends on who you get. I'm very satisfied. I've never had another in-home care agency, so I couldn't compare it. So I can only compare the ladies that have come to the house. I have gotten to know them, and I like them. They seem interested and helpful in caring for my mother. One of them in particular goes out of her way to talk to my mother all the time. She fills her in public events and what is happening in the world. She really treats her like an individual as opposed to just a patient. But that is just the way this person is.


We contacted Homecare California to see about part-time care for my Sister-n-law's Father, having heard good things about them in our local newspaper.  From our first contact with Homecare California we received a wealth of good information from the Care Manager we spoke to, she asked just the right questions to help us decide our next steps. The staff there works diligently to make the process the most caring for you and your loved one. They provide a full no-commitment assessment and were ready for all of our difficult questions. We selected them and have been very comfortable with their Care Services since.

Our family is very thankful for the caring and competent in-home services provided by Homecare California. We suggest you call them too if you have similar needs for caring for a family member who needs help.


Gave us really great service. Answered all our questions. would and have refer them to our neighbors and friends.

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