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Alzheimer's Care

Meaningful Daily Living

Alzheimer’s care requires a special caregiver – one that is experienced, patient, kind, and understands each client’s unique symptoms.  Our caregivers assigned to Alzheimer’s and dementia cases are trained and oriented one-on-one to the specific client’s needs.

With our dementia clients we often find that:

  • Assessments need to be more comprehensive and take into account a lot of factors including environmental safety, and symptom manifestations such as sundowning, delirium, and the client's unique social history.

  • Care plans need to be very proactive in providing appropriate, meaningful daily activities that stimulate cognition, mobility, and exercise.

  • Medication management may be a core component to mitigating symptoms and improving quality of life.

We take the time to understand our client’s needs and work with families to get the best care available.  To discuss your specific needs or those of your loved one, please give us a call.

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