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How to Maintain Safety in the Senior Years

12.5 million seniors, in 2014, lived by themselves, the Administration on Aging reports. With this, promoting a safe environment for the elderly is a must. If you are already a senior, take note of these tips when living alone.

  1. Take note of emergency numbers. They should come in handy when the need arises. These should include your nearest family member or relative, your health care provider, 911, poison control, and others.

  2. Familiarize yourself with your neighbors. Getting to know them would not only help you gain a social life but also have that needed support in case of emergencies.

  3. Make your home fall-proof. In doing so, you will get to avoid accidents caused by a hazardous home. Try installing grab bars and handrails and taking away safety hazards from staircases and floors.

  4. Enhance fire safety. This is one the of the major precautions in keeping your home secure. Install smoke alarms in bedrooms, your kitchen and other areas — especially in secluded parts of your home.

  5. Encourage visitors. Invite them over to your house or let them come weekly for a chit-chat, catching up or just plain hanging out. In this way you are also keeping yourself in the loop in your friends’ and family’s lives as much as they can also check in on you and your safety.

These are just some simple ways to keep your safety at bay. You may also consider seeking the help of home care services for further support. Know that you can trust professionals from such to deliver quality care.

— Image Courtesy of Wikipedia


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