6 Tips to Improve Home Safety for Your Parents

If your loved one lives on their own at home, they may be less safe than you realize. We’ve created a list of things that you can do to make sure that your senior is safe and secure in their home.

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The potential for danger magnifies when a person is a senior. Your loved one should feel safe in their home, but as they age, many unexpected things can become potential threats to their safety. It is essential to check up on their home to see if anything needs to be fixed, changed, or added to ensure their safety. We’ve compiled a list of home safety tips for seniors to minimize any potential dangers and ensure that your loved one stays safe at home.

Tip #1: Consider investing in a doorbell with a camera

To make sure that the only people entering your loved one’s home are those who are supposed to be there, a camera doorbell can be a significant investment. The doorbell has a small camera attached and runs a video onto a computer or smartphone so that your loved one can see who is outside their home from the safety of indoors. If they aren’t sure who is at the door, they can ignore the doorbell until the person outside leaves. Additionally, doorbell cameras can be used if packages are stolen from their doorstep to find out who the perpetrator was or if someone is trespassing on his or her property.

Tip #2: Have a list of emergency numbers nearby

In the instance that disaster strikes and your loved one needs to contact someone for help, it is a wise idea to have a list of emergency numbers next to the phone. In the heat of the moment, they may forget a phone number, and so having it written there can be a huge help. Some important numbers to have are 911, poison control (1-800-222-1222), emergency contacts such as family members and friends, and their healthcare provider’s office.