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Brain Games Connected with Delay in Cognitive Decline in Seniors

Elderly individuals who participate in mentally stimulating activities in their later years tend to have lower possibilities of incurring mild cognitive impairment compared to those who do not engage with such mind activities, a study poses.

For those ages 70 and above without cognitive conditions, playing mind-stimulating games is linked with a 22 percent reduction of the risk in mild cognitive decline, one that occurs prior to age-related brain function declines and to full-blown dementia.

Using the computer was found to contribute to 30 percent lower risk; working on crafts, on the other hand, led to 28 percent, and social activities were at 23 percent.

Such mentally stimulating activities, when combined with exercise, would also be powerful in combating mental decline, senior author of the study from Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Yonas E. Geda, stated.

Through the results, it can be deduced, especially by health care providers (even home care services), family members, and the seniors that engaging in mentally stimulating activities is really beneficial not just to while away the time, but also to avoid cognitive decline.


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