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What Do Centenarians Have In Common? Secrets Exposed!

Life does has its mysteries. But one thing holds true: there’s no stopping death. If it’s time, it will be.

Many are asking, “What’s the secret to long life?” Is there an elixir to reach a hundred years or more? Those who have attained such age, although, may hold some hints on the ways to prolong living.

A study found in International Psychogeriatrics tells about the common psychological traits that centenarians or those who have lived for more than 100 years have. The researchers studied the physical and mental health of 29 villagers ages 90 to 101 from the Cilento region in Italy. The participants were interviewed and asked to answer standardized questionnaires regarding topics such as traumatic beliefs and events, as well as migration. The researchers likewise interviewed the elderly’s younger family members on their impressions of their relatives’ personality traits.

Those interviewed often cited traits such as being domineering, controlling, and stubborn. However, despite these traits, the centenarians also showed qualities such as adaptability to change and resilience.

The researchers likewise reiterated on how these elderly have gone through depression and other trials but were able to overcome them. Aside from the traits mentioned, the centenarians also had other qualities such as being positive thinkers, strong family ties, positive work ethic, religiosity, and being fond of the countryside. Majority of these older adults, moreover, were also found to be working frequently at home and were still active. Doing such gave them more reasons to enjoy living too.

With this, it would also be of help to understand the elderly’s life story and traits when caring for them. Despite setbacks, there is still room for longevity, most especially with the proper mindset and disposition. Home care services would certainly gain considerable benefits through the above-mentioned study as well.


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