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Wellderlies: Role Models We Can All Learn From

Want to live long and healthy? There may be a secret to do so. Imitate the “wellderlies”. This group of people are ages 90 to 100 and have reached such age without any major disease or health issue.

According to Ali Torkamani, geneticist from Scripps Research Institute in California, there’s no genetic variant link to having an extremely long life yet. Every wellderly has a different genetic recipe to attain such longevity. He and his co-researchers did not rule out lifestyle and diet as helpful though.

Known to be different from each other, aging and longevity have also yet to be studied for now. Thus, it also implies that placing aging to a halt doesn’t mean extension of human life.

Without proving the effects of antiaging therapies, efforts on determining the length of time people live would seem futile. Moreover, if they are indeed connected, then treating aging would therefore result to longer and healthier lives.

So, what then is the secret to a longer life? Could there be a single answer to it? Well, if you ask the experts, exercise, proper nutrition, a positive outlook, and avoidance of health hazards would be advisable. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, these factors won’t really determine how long someone would live. What we can just do is take each day as it comes and hope for the best while adhering to principles of long life that applies to our preference. As for home care service providers, it would likewise be helpful to understand these in promoting better quality of life to their patients.

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