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Weight Management for Better Senior Health

Obesity has been widespread in the recent years, also affecting senior Americans. With over 40 percent of women ages 65 and above being obese, and with 36 percent of men being so, this epidemic truly needs serious attention.

Such chronic condition does lead to various other diseases too – from Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and a whole lot more. With this, it is vital that health care providers include weight management in their discussions so as to prevent other ill effects.

If before people say that elderly adults won’t respond to obesity treatment compared with the young ones, then they’re wrong. Studies have proven that losing weight is all about “calories in versus calories out,” according to Daniel Piereth, fitness and wellness coordinator at Applewood, a continuing care retirement community. He also reiterated on the importance of frequent exercise.

Having emphasized on the importance of weight management for seniors, home care services providers can take note of these when caring for patients. With this, they’ll be thankful they did!

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