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UTIs, a Huge Concern for Seniors

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) may be occasional sources of annoyance to many young women today. They often lead to frequent bathroom trips and pain, but after medication intake all these will be relieved.

This is not the case with elderly experiencing UTIs. Aside from getting confined in hospitals, they may inevitably die most especially when the infection reaches the blood or kidney.

According to John Bruza, a geriatrician from Penn Medicine, UTIs and pneumonia are the major infectious causes of hospital admission for older adults.

UTIs, in this case, have become fearsome enough to let hospitals aim harder at preventing them. They have also turned to restricting the use of urinary catheters which can lead to higher risks of infections.

These, as a whole, have led to care providers into becoming more careful when dealing with the elderly. As home care services are growing today too, proper consideration of preventive measures is also a must.

— Image Courtesy of Flickr


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