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Trump’s Presidency and Senior Health Care: What’s in Store for Them?

A Forbes November 9 article shared views on what the Trump presidency may have in store for seniors’ health. With the continued Republican majorities in the Senate and House, analysts foresee great cuts in programs catering to the elderly and others with disabilities.

Programs that may be affected include the following: Medicare, Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, information assistance and adult day. Although Trump reiterated that he will be leaving Medicare and Social Security untouched all throughout his campaign, there are congressional Republicans who have focused on such programs and it is still uncertain if Trump would look into cutting benefits should congressmen propose such.

Likewise, with the tax cut that Trump has been proposing (which amounts to $6.2 trillion), there may really be an effect on senior health programs. Budget for the Older Americans Act may be lessened, as well as that for senior services.

The implications of the said tax cuts and reforms on senior health may still be in the works, but with home care services and other health care programs on board, seniors and health care providers may need to consider other options and prepare very well.


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