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Stem Cell Treatment for the Elderly: Beating Aging and Frailty

Aging, together with other conditions associated with it have long been dealt with by the elderly all over the world. Fatigue, loss of balance, and frailty are just some of these – hence a threat to these elderly, their families and caregivers.

With this, researchers from the University of Miami’s (UM) Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute conducted a study on the impact of stem cell infusion on the elderly – as to whether or not it can aid in improving their health and prevent frailty.

According to their findings through the early stage of their clinical trial, those who received a single infusion of stem cells from healthy and young donors turned out to be able to walk long distances and was able to breathe more easily. These findings were published through two studies found in the Journals of Gerontology.

Stem cells are known to become specialized cells, able to fix tissue damage. Because of this, the proponents, one of which is Dr. Joshua Hare, UM’s stem cell institute founding director, continuously learns about why some people are aging well than others.

Hare pointed out that there is a biological difference causing some individuals to be frail when they age while others can still move and be active physically and mentally. This, according to him, is linked with chronic inflammation as well as the withering of muscle tissue and cells.

This is where stem cell infusion therapy will come in handy. With three phases, the study, now onto its last one, will aim to determine if the infusions will help reduce biomarkers for inflammation. If so, they can then be approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a form of therapy.

Should this be successful, there is no telling how long the elderly will be able to enjoy their later years. This, along with the other treatment options, as well as home care services, can aid in boosting the elderly’s health and well-being.

-- Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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