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Seniors with Dementia Focused on in ‘Sham Marriages’

Senior citizens have, time and again, become victims of scamming. But just recently, officials are on high alert with a scheme known as the “fake love scam”. The scheme, according to authorities, victimizes those with dementia or are prone to having one.

A 92-year-old in Chicago reported losing a huge sum from his life savings from the time he met a woman at McDonald’s. Eventually, she deceived him into marrying her. She also asked him to buy a van costing $40,000 as well as laundromat at $80,000. He even fell into changing his will so she would inherit his home worth $260,000.

This incident and many more are just clear depictions of financial cons taking advantage of the elderly’s frailty. Now how do we prevent such occurrence from happening to our elderly loved ones and friends? Can home care services help? Perhaps. We can just consider how trusted care providers can assist seniors in their daily living — making it easier for them to find someone to rely on for support and care.

— Image Courtesy of Pixabay


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