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Seniors Reap Great Health Benefits When They Quit Smoking

Smoking tobacco causes serious health problems. However, many still do it. Many find it difficult to abandon, most especially since they have been used to doing it to alleviate stress, cause relaxation, and a whole lot more reasons. By the time they reach older adulthood, they also think that there’s no point in stopping because after all, their lungs have already been damaged.

According to the National Cancer Institute, however, there’s still hope. In their recent study, they found that smokers who are in their 60s will still have lower rates of mortality compared to those in their 70s.

Smoking is one of the major factors causing COPD, cancer, and heart disease. When they stop at any age, patients will be able to notice improvements bit by bit. Those who would like to stop already may consult a physician to get help in putting an end to their tobacco dependence. Home care service providers may also be able to assist.

-Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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