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Sarcopenia, Now a Reportable Condition

A muscular condition among the elderly has been paid particular attention due to its epidemic status. Sarcopenia, a medical concern that robs individuals of their strength and muscle mass when they age, has now been considered a “reportable condition”. Physicians can, therefore, officially diagnose this in their patients.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) move regarding this condition is thus a vital step in promoting awareness among doctors, patients, caregivers, and researchers regarding sarcopenia. It also aims to provide comprehensive standards in its diagnosis and treatment.

Although sarcopenia has just been recently considered to be “reportable”, studies have shown that is already widespread among the elderly. Statistics tell that one in three of those over 60 are afflicted with it. Meanwhile, more than half of those 80 years and above acquire it.

Those with sarcopenia begin losing lean muscle mass even before they retire. At 40, they can already lose until 8 percent of their muscle mass per decade.

The process is slow at first. However, as they age, it speeds up. Once lean muscle mass decreases to a particular degree, sarcopenia can be diagnosed. Just like osteoporosis, it’s not something to ignore.

The condition may then lead to a fall, something that many seniors dread. Thus, they seek the help of home care services and other care providers. For caregivers, this is an issue that entails maximum attention. With the proper care, the elderly can gain quality of life in their retirement years.

— Image Courtesy of Pixabay


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