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Rich, White Seniors Are Becoming Healthier

A recent study found in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine has found that more white higher-income seniors are getting healthier. This is different, however, with Latino, African-American, as well as lower-income seniors.

The numbers went up; from 42 percent of seniors in good health in 2000, it increased to 48 percent in 2014. This was shown in the elderly who are highly educated, wealthy, and white.

In analyzing the disparities among other factors, Matthew Davis, lead author of the study, points to the effect of economic, social, and environmental considerations. There has been a growing divide in income. Thus, those who are well-off and have received higher education tend to invest in their health more by projecting healthy beliefs and actions. These may include going to a gym, purchasing healthier food choices, and even living in a place with less pollution.

Applicable or not to all rich, white seniors, it would be helpful for home care services providers and other health care professionals to identify the factors affecting their patients’ health. Whether or not they are rich and white, they deserve to get excellent health care services.


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