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The Pitfalls of Sitting Too Long for Elders

Sitting for a very long time especially is more critical especially for the elderly. With their muscles wasting away much faster compared to younger people, home care services and other health care providers need to pay attention to the elders’ daily activities to avoid such.

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Physiology, the elderly’s lack of exercise leads to a decrease in their legs’ muscle power.

Such power is vital most especially when climbing the stairs. Hence, having difficulties with this can result to losing independence and even experiencing isolation.

Likewise, when the elderly is hospitalized and lives a sedentary lifestyle, there is also a greater tendency for muscle mass, functional capacity, and metabolic health to decline. The elderly, in this case, experience changes on how the nervous system controls muscle contraction.

With this, as health care providers, we advise that there be continuous programs and activities incorporating low intensity physical activities in the elderly’s daily routines. By doing so, there is a chance that deterioration of muscle power will be prevented.


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