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Pepper Robots for Enhanced Elderly Health

The rise in the elderly population these decades has paved the way for innovations catering to elderly health care. One of them, Pepper Robots, is on point.

Imagine if you could let these robots take care of the elderly in shelters for seniors. These robots can assist them in taking tablets or even as companions. Through them, hospitals and other care facilities can have less burdens when taking care of their elderly patients.

Researchers from Middlesex University and University of Bedfordshire will aid in creating such personal robots, which can be preprogrammed to fit the patients’ needs.

The mentioned project is funded by the EU and the Japanese government. They are manufactured by Softbank Robotics and are already utilized in Japanese homes.

The proponents believe that this project will help in improving elderly health care by offering entertainment to them. They may also be able to connect more easily through the use of smart appliances.

The Pepper Robots will be able to accept commands and communicate through gestures and speech. They will also be programmed to independently move and determine if the elderly is in pain.

In Japan, similar robot types are performing simple tasks such as lifting patients serving food.

According to BBC, the said project is deemed to be complete by in three years. If it materializes by then, health care providers would definitely find it easier to take care of the elderly. Even home care services can take advantage of this technology.


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