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Multi-Morbidity Triggered with Elderly’s Tobacco Use, Study Says

Elderly who are using tobacco are at risk for multi-morbidity, as brought about by non-communicable diseases (NCDs), a study in India points.

According to the said study, hospitalizations within a year resulting from non-communicable diseases turned out higher in tobacco users as compared with non-users. The study’s data were gathered through the United Nations Population Fund. The conditions considered include high-blood pressure, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cataract, cancer, stroke, dementia, and paralysis. Multi-morbidity is the co-existence of a minimum of two of the 12 NCDs in an individual.

This study is vital in understanding implications of health care services, that to include home care services. By considering such, care providers and the elderly can take advantage of better health results.

-- Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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