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Identifying Alzheimer’s Early Signs

A study is on the move as scientists aim to unravel the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease, even way before the patient experiences memory loss as well as confusion.

According to them, it is best to start taking drugs during such time. This will then help combat the said disease in progressing further.

50 tests will be involving 250 volunteers – that to include cognitive testing, brain scans, and measuring how individuals walk.

Alzheimer’s is said to affect patients even years before symptoms begin appearing. With this, it would really be helpful if experts get to find a way to treat the condition earlier on.

Through the Deep and Frequent Phenotyping Study, a study that involves the Alzheimer’s Society and eight universities in the UK, headed by Prof Simon Lovestone from the University of Oxford, Alzheimer’s earliest signs will be studied (hoping to discover them 10 to 20 years in advance).

They are utilizing tiny devices attached to the back, measuring movement in a week. Little changes on one’s walking may then be seen, signaling more serious problems in the brain, that to be linked with dementia.

With the hopes of improving the mental health of citizens across the globe, this study will surely be of great help not only to the elderly but also to their loved ones, friends and care providers (that to include home care services).


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