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How to Live Your Senior Years to the Fullest

Ever heard of someone who just celebrated his 100th birthday recently? How did you feel upon knowing that he just made it to his centennial year? I guess you felt awestruck, right?

Take a look at two female centenarians named as the ‘The Golden Girls of Sarasota’ who recently turned 100. According to an article from the Sarasota Post, their secret is living an active lifestyle.

Constant Increase of Global Population

According to the World Health Organization, the population of those aged 60 and above will increase from 900 million to 2 billion from 2015 to 2050. That’s a whopping 10% jump in the coming 33 years. Likewise, as life expectancy also increases, it is no wonder a large part of the population involves seniors.

Despite ethnicity, the WHO likewise states that the top causes of mortality in the elderly include stroke, heart disease, and chronic lung disease. With this, it is vital that seniors get to have avenues to stay active by exercising. In this way, depression and other mental health conditions may also be avoided.

Other ways to keep oneself active include swimming, walking, yoga, and dancing. Through these activities, the elderly will also get the chance to interact with other seniors, as well as enhance memory, mood, and mobility.

By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, seniors will thus be as youthful inside and out. Such principles stated above may also aid home care services as they facilitate quality health care for seniors.


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