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How to Help Prevent Suicide in the Elderly

Suicide is indeed a cause of concern for many these days. With over 41,000 individuals in the U.S. who are dying because of it every year, no wonder it has been a pressing issue to society. Aside from being the 10th leading cause of mortality in adults, it warrants careful studying and prevention to avoid more cases from occurring.

With September known as the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, it is high time that we pay close attention to this concern, most especially that which involves the elderly. With a high suicide rate too, it can be surprising to know that seniors committing suicide is really common.

To help prevent suicide, may it be in the elderly or in different age groups, it would help to learn about the factors why the elderly is considering suicide. Why are they not getting help? What are the barriers?

Perhaps they are afraid of getting labeled or a stigma. With depression hanging over their shoulders, it can get pretty messy inside for them.

As healthcare providers or loved ones of the elderly experiencing such, it would really help to give them the necessary support. We have to acknowledge their need for quality support to avoid depression. Let them gain a support system to whom they can run to when they need help or when they need to talk to someone.

Whether or not they are availing home care services, it would be a great help for them. It may just be a simple act but it could work wonders.


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