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Free Groceries for Birmingham Elderly and Disabled Residents

Elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of Birmingham, Alabama may soon be receiving some free groceries.

This Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council passed an ordinance that developed the Healthy Food Incentive Program.

Through the said program, those living at or below the poverty line will be receiving up to $150 per year of free healthy goods.

The city will still be receiving bids and awarding a contract with an external firm. This ordinance will launch next fiscal year.

Eligible residents will then be receiving a healthy food incentive card which they can use when purchasing certain foods from participating markets and stores.

The proponents likewise indicate that for residents to be eligible for the said program, they must make lower than $13,450 a year. Those who qualify can have a rebate of $50 a year.

Those with four or more dependents should earn less than $20,750 a year and will get $150 rebate per year.

Residents ages 65 and up as well as those disabled can qualify no matter how much their income is. Those over 65 will get an added $25 per household allowance.

To get the rebate, full-time residents of Birmingham should submit a complete application as well as a proof of income to the city of Birmingham. Family members’ names must also be submitted together with their proof of income. Food stamps recipients are likewise eligible for the said program.

As for other cities, perhaps this would also be a nice program to emulate. The elderly, disabled, and less fortunate in various towns would then be able to take advantage of such benefits. Aside from home care services, the elderly would also have the necessary aid they deserve during their aging years.


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