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Exercise Based on Laughter May Boost Seniors’ Physical, Mental Health

Including laughter in an exercise program can strengthen seniors’ aerobic endurance, mental health, and confidence when they perform physical activities, a research has found.

To determine the findings, the elderly took part in a moderately intense group exercise program referred to as ‘LaughActive’, a program including playful simulated laughter to the flexibility, strength, and balance workout.

According to the findings, simulated laughter is one of the best ways to prevent cognitive or functional impairments. Those who participated in the exercise program showed considerable improvements with their aerobic endurance, mental health, and result expectations for exercise.

Despite the findings, however, it has been observed that seniors do not often engage onto physical activities, the researchers noted. With this, it can be reiterated to seniors how they can still make use of laughter to enhance their physique and overall wellness. After all, laughter has been said to be the best medicine, right?

Is your senior loved one receiving home care services? Do they offer laughter based programs too? Consider these as well when choosing a home care provider. These could just be the perfect combination in health care management.


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