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Effects of Poor Shoe Choice on the Elderly’s Health Unveiled through Study

Increasing in age comes with various changes in one’s body. One of these is the change in foot morphology. Not changing one’s shoe size at this time may lead to several health situations such as loss of balance, anxiety, apathy, as well as falls, as stated in a study by the University of A Coruña.

The same goes with increased length and width in the elderly’s feet, thus leading to a need for proper shoe choice. Other changes may also include pain tolerance, together with loss of fatty tissue and muscle mass in the feet.

With these, it has been advised that the elderly use appropriate footwear. What should be worn then? Well, according to experts it’s better to wear wide-fit shoes, those with adjustable straps or velcros, rubber soles for preventing falling and slipping, as well as to lessen the impact on joints while walking.

As for home care service providers, this is also a relevant study to look into -- especially when caring for their clients. It’s not just about medications, but also on the prevention of health conditions through proper care regimens.


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