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Earthquake Safety Measures to Learn by Heart

Natural disasters are inevitable. When you’re at home and have been struck by an earthquake, for instance, you won’t definitely want to be caught off guard. Thus, here are some safety tips to take note of during such instance.

Before the Earthquake

  1. Have your Emergency Bags ready (filled with first aid kit, canned food/ready-to-eat food, water, flashlight, dust masks and goggles).

  2. Identify a spot in your house where you can stay when an earthquake strikes. This location must be free from fixtures which can fall on you.

  3. Get the advice of professionals on how you can make your house sturdier. Try having your bookcases bolted, your cupboards installed with strong latches, and your other fixtures arranged with safety in mind.

  4. Learn how to turn off your water and gas mains.

  5. Be familiar with the exit points in your home and the safe spots around the neighborhood. Conduct earthquake drills at home to orient yourself and your family members on such protocols.

During the Earthquake

  1. If circumstance permits, open the exit door quickly.

  2. Duck under a sturdy table or desk, hold on to it, and cover your head using your arms.

  3. Keep out of cabinets, shelves, glass windows and other heavy things.

  4. Be weary of falling objects. Stay alert and careful.

If you are outside, go to an open area, and take note of these safety measures.

  1. Keep out of posts, trees, power lines, and concrete structures.

  2. Stay away from steep slopes which may be prone to landslides.

  3. If you are near the shore and you are struck by a strong earthquake, proceed to higher grounds in case a tsunami hits.

After the Earthquake

  1. As soon as the earthquake stops, quickly exit the building (if you are inside one) the safest way possible.

  2. Do not use elevators, go inside damaged buildings, or use phones, unless really needed.

With all these safety precautions, know that you are on your way towards hazard prevention. Whether you are a home care services provider or someone eager to learn more about earthquake safety measures, you can get yourself equipped.


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