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Doll Therapy for Dementia: Does It Work?

Dementia patients have been getting calmer with the help of dolls — all with the help of doll therapy. With home care services, nursing homes, and other facilities utilizing this revolutionary form of therapy for dementia patients, anxiety is said to be eased down. According to therapy supporters, dolls can help alleviate distress, enhance communication, as well as lessen the need for psychotropic medication. However, critics point out the dolls causing infantilization and demeaning them in the long run.

Oftentimes, care providers allow residents/patients to hold, dress, or take care of the dolls. Caregivers may also use these dolls to start conversations with the patients regarding their children or grandchildren. They reiterate the importance of participating in several activities with the help of dolls.

— Image Courtesy of Wikipedia


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