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Beyond Exercise: Elders Benefiting from Going to Gyms

Going to the gym may be one of the best ways to get the figure you’ve always wanted. It is also an effective means to be healthier, knowing that exercise is best when coupled with a nutritious diet. However, the elderly do have other reasons why they visit the gym: socialization.

True enough, studies even tell that strong social relationships are connected with a longer life span. According to a study from the British Medical Journal, social activities may also be effective just like fitness activities when it comes to the decrease of death risks. Upon studying the health of over 2,800 people ages 65 and above for 13 years, the researchers found that those who were active tended to be alive by the end of the 13 years. The same goes with socialization.

In fact, in 2010, three researchers came up with a meta-analysis examining the relationship between mortality and social isolation. They found that individuals with more solid social relationships tend to have a longer life span.

Despite such study’s results, it can also be noted that as one gets older, he also has weaker social connections. Hence, there are still challenges for the elderly to maintain their social lives. With this, gyms also function as a place to strengthen one’s ties.

With this, if you are a care provider, a family member, friend or basically someone who cares for some elderly loved ones, you’d benefit to know that you can support him further by providing avenues for socialization. Whether it be a gym, a club, or another community, there is an opportunity for the elderly to strengthen their social ties.

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