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Benefits of Dancing in the Elderly

Going through the later years of life poses several health conditions, especially when the elderly’s body declines mentally and physically.

With this, it would be a great help to keep the body and mind active. How? According to the Science Daily, referring to a study found in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, dancing is one of the ways.

Aside from endurance training, dancing can also aid in enhancing the part of the brain that declines as one ages. According to Dr. Kathrin Rehfeld, the study’s lead author, however, in comparing the two exercises, dancing turns out to be the only one that results to prominent behavioral changes such as that of improved balance.

The study’s participants were asked to get involved with weekly endurance or dancing sessions for 18 months. Those who joined the dancing sessions learned several dance routines and rhythms.

In return, the dance participants’ hippocampus region (responsible for learning and memorizing) has been strengthened. This was perceived to be a result of learning new movements and promoting balance.

In this regard, home care services and other healthcare facilities would be able to help their elderly clients by promoting dancing activities. Aside from giving them the chance to socialize with other dance participants, they can gain health benefits too.


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