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Avoiding Hospitalization: Tips for Seniors (Part 2)

(... continued from previous post)

Here’s the continuation of our two-part post on avoiding hospitalization for seniors.

4. Promote safety at home

Hospitalization in seniors may also be caused by falls and other injuries. With this, it is vital that the elderly’s home or surroundings be free from accidents or hazards. To do so, assistive equipment are of great help. These include rails, grab bars, support stools, rubber mats, and other fixtures to avoid accidents at home. Likewise, appropriate lighting at night and even during the day is also a must.

5. Consult your physician

Nothing beats expert advice. Thus, as elders experience more and more health issues as they age, it is best to consult their trusted doctor or health care provider regarding their health conditions. Experiencing certain signs and symptoms? Never self-medicate. Get expert opinion and receive prompt treatment.

These tips are just simple yet very effective to prevent hospitalizations in the elderly. Home care services providers may also take note of these. Follow these and age well!


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