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Seniors’ Incomes Not Enough, Bankrate Study Says

Thriving and surviving retirement years entails at least 70% of the income one had before he retired, a Bankrate research says. According to them, only three states have exceeded this percentage: Alaska, Hawaii and South Carolina.

These results show the country’s lack of preparedness when it comes to retirement. It even encompasses preparedness for things due in a week. Thus, an event such as retirement (which may be way beyond youth’s sight as of now) is still a challenge for many.

James Carlson, chief investment officer at the financial services firm, Questis, stated, “Americans are facing a shortfall of retirement income (because) their saved assets are not enough to fund their desired or even current lifestyle.”

With this, it is also wise to prepare for one’s health, besides finances. To maximize health options, consider getting the aid of trusted home care services providers in your area. They can offer you quality health care services you need.

Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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