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Geriatric Emergency Rooms Alleviate Medical Risks, Stress in Seniors

Going to hospitals to receive treatments, especially emergency cases, can be daunting for the elderly. They have to deal with healthcare providers rushing to and fro the hallways or the emergency room, patients screaming and crying, and basically commotion all around. This need not the case anymore with geriatric ERs.

Some hospitals today, one of which is the Mount Sinai Hospital, has an ER dedicated specially for seniors. Smaller and more focused onto seniors’ medical cases, these ERs make health treatments more pleasant for the elderly. Instead of having to mix in with the other patients of all ages in a regular ER, seniors can avoid waiting too long for them to be attended to, while at the same time, do away with the noise and less conducive atmosphere the usual emergency room brings them.

With the help of these geriatric emergency rooms, elderly patients get to receive more specialized care — most especially since they are handled by nurses, physicians and other healthcare staff who are trained in diagnosing and caring for the elderly. Such staff work hand in hand to help prevent bed sores, confusion, and over-medication.

Just like in home care services, geriatric ERs are a good way to keep seniors’ health optimized. We can be sure that they are receiving the best care they deserve — with a little bit of specialized attention.

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