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Volunteering during Middle to Senior Years Leads to Better Mental Health, Study Says

A recent study from the BMJ Open found that volunteering in the middle to senior years is connected to good emotional/mental wellness. Not found to be linked to those aged 40 and below, it has been deduced that the connection between volunteering and wellness in this aspect is stronger during later years in life.

According to the study, women are also more prone to volunteer as compared to men. Likewise, those who did not volunteer that much turned out to have lower levels of emotional wellness.

In a way, volunteering seemed to offer avenues for social contacts and a stronger sense of purpose. This in return led to better health.

For those who receive home care services or are in nursing homes, this is a plus. They can utilize their time to volunteer in charitable organizations and be able to boost their mental and emotional well being.

— Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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