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Optimistic View on Aging, Less Stress

How does one’s view on aging affect stress levels? This has been answered by a small study with findings saying that positive views on aging aid as the elderly copes with stress.

The study’s proponent, Dr. Jennifer Bellingtier, a Ph.D. student from North Carolina State University, found who have a positive attitude towards aging turned out to be stronger when responding to stress. This, in turn, results to no increase in negative emotions. On the other hand, those who tend to be pessimistic towards aging also turned to be less capable of handling stress.

The study’s senior author Shevaun Neupert reiterated the impact of one’s perspective about aging. According to him, this really has a great effect on how people deal with difficult situations when they get older. This also affects one’s quality of life as well as health.

For instance, negative reactions to stress often result to cardiovascular conditions in many Americans. This may not be the case with other cultures; thus more research may still be conducted to determine such effects.

Whatever the case may be for other races, it’s still vital for one to pay attention to his views on aging. In doing so, there would also be a better understanding of how optimism can really be a critical factor to improving health and quality of life.

Are you caring for the elderly? Are you a relative looking for home care services to promote optimum health for your loved one? Not to worry, for with a good view of positive thinking and aging, you’ll also land well in the game of life.

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