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Seniors Not Much into Web Research for Medical Concerns

A new research from the Journal of the American Medical Association has established new findings: that seniors are less likely to consult Dr. Google when getting health information. According to the study, only 18% researched via the Web for such data in 2014. That could be compared with the 60% of adults doing so as well as the 35% who even turn online to diagnose their own conditions based on the signs and symptoms they experience.

Looking at such figures, it seems that these seniors have other priorities besides looking up the Internet for their medical conditions. The study also reiterated how healthier seniors get to have the tendency to research about their health as compared to those who have poor conditions.

The implications? Well, it may seem quite an issue for health care providers as they perceive the Internet as a treasure trove of helpful information for patients. Thus, seniors might still want to consider using this platform to gain more know-how on their health — eventually making themselves more capable of taking care of their health (whether or not they are receiving home care services).

— Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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