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Communication: Secret to Successful Patient-Physician Relationship

Health care can become quite complex these days. However, this need not be a huge issue with the help of excellent communication between patients and physicians. Most especially with seniors, good communication can definitely play a great part to ensure quality health care delivery.

Seniors often have more complex cases – from an array of medical conditions, more medications, specialists and a whole lot more options. Thus, patients also have to be as open and honest with their care providers. Should they have clarifications on procedures, treatments, and other inquiries, it’ll be helpful to ask right away. If an instruction was not that clear, asking would be very vital. One cannot be shy when health is at stake.

For patients, it also helps to have a list of issues. Place them in order of importance and raise them to those concerned during the appointment. It would also help to bring along a companion during medical appointments to assist or take note of other concerns.

All in all, taking care of one’s health as well as providing care to patients (seniors or not) entails crystal clear communication. Whether you are a home care service provider or a recipient of such care, you’d benefit from this secret of good relationships.

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