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Robots to Assist in Senior Health Care

With the aging population increasing in the country, the need for more health care staff also increases. How to solve this issue? Try robotics.

Japan has been one of the countries to embrace this technological trend to cater to the seniors’ health needs. Palro, the communication robot, in fact, has already been introduced in several elderly homes in Japan.

The said robot has the ability to have simple conversations and to entertain its audience. Thus, the elderly can have someone to keep them company when their nurses are busy with their work. These robots can also help assess and observe residents and patients.

Another robotic breakthrough would have to be the “healing pet robot” in the form of a baby seal, which has the ability to respond to voices as well as make facial and body expressions.

Other issues related with elderly health care may also be catered to by robotics – that to include lifting from bed to wheelchair, food and medication distribution, and others. We’ll just have to see its development and experience how home care services can get better and better with robotics.

— Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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