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Levels of Vitamin D and Cognitive Function in Chinese Elderly Link Uncovered

It has been fairly common that vitamin D is essential in keeping one’s bones and muscles healthy. But with continuous research, it has also been found to contribute to brain health.

A study by experts from the Duke University and Duke-NUS Medical School discovered that low levels of vitamin D are connected with cognitive decline and impairment in Chinese elderly.

Not considering extent of advanced age and gender, those with lower levels of vitamin D exhibited twice the tendency of incurring cognitive decline. Such also contributed to higher risks of vitamin D impairment by two to three times.

The study also applies to the elderly not just in China but also to other Asians all over the world, according to Professor David Matchar, the study’s first author and Director of the Health Services and Systems Research Programme at Duke-NUS Medical School. The implications? Aside from managing the elderly’s health in hospitals and clinics, caregivers can consider this research’s findings helpful when providing home care services.

— Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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