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Virtual Reality for the Elderly

Technology really does wonders to people of all ages. All ages, yes. Even the elderly!

With virtual reality, everything’s possible, most especially for centenarians and other baby boomers eager to experience pleasant sensations far beyond imagination. Through such technology, entrepreneurs such as Dr. Sonya Kim were able to deliver favorable experiences to their elderly clientele, that to include going on vacation in the waves of Hawaiian shores or what not.

The Aloha VR Program has allowed seniors to bask in the sun without leaving the comforts of their home. It brings them relaxation, peace of mind, alleviating their anxieties, chronic pains, and loneliness.

Though virtual reality gadgets have been often used by younger generations, it certainly can cater to the elderly. With innovation at bay, this tool can just be one of the solutions to care better for our senior loved ones. This can be paired with home care services to boost its effects.

— Image Courtesy of YouTube

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