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Seniors’ Foot Health: A Must-Check for Holistic Wellness

Unknowingly, our feet can be a great source of concern, most especially when we age. Thus, for seniors and the younger ones alike, foot health needs to be addressed well to avoid untoward repercussions.

According to a study, 87 percent of the elderly cited a minimum of one foot problem. This is because we utilize our feet for every movement we make, for every place we go to, and basically for anything that entails going from one place to another.

Every person utilizes four hours per day on their feet on the average and takes around 10,000 steps at that. Talk about wear and tear! Feet widen and flatten as one ages. When there’s foot pain, balance and mobility get affected as well. This then results to falls.

Other foot problems include heel pain, calluses and corns, bunions, dry skin, hammertoes, diabetes-related concerns, and toenail problems.

To help manage these health conditions, health care providers advise the use of roomier shoes, most especially for those with hammertoes. We are also encouraged to use skin cream on the feet and legs everyday. Those with bunions may be referred for surgery to take away the pain. Meanwhile, to prevent ingrown toe nails, we may use toe clippers.

Caring for the elderly’s foot health is a must. With those mentioned above plus home care services, you can also be sure that your loved ones are receiving the attention they deserve.

— Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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