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Elderly Men Letting Health Deteriorate after Losing Spouse, Studies Say

Elderly men are said to be more prone to health conditions after their wives pass away, according to various studies. Andrea See, Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging’s clinical manager at the Senior Options program, reiterated how husbands incur health problems and other conditions weeks and months after their wives’ death. Meanwhile, a research from the JAMA Internal Medicine journal in 2014 found that those whose spouses died already are prone to having stroke or heart attack in the coming 30 days.

Likewise, another study, this time from the Rochester Institute of Technology, in 2012, pointed out that grieving husbands had 30 percent more chances of dying after being widowed. This is in contrast with women, who had no increased tendencies of dying after their husbands’ death. This, according to scholars, is brought by women being more prepared and independent.

Whether or not the research is accurate, it is a must that elders (men and women alike) take care of their health. Aiming for quality health care options, they and their loved ones can take advantage of home care services available in their area. By doing so, they would be sure that their elderly parents, friends or relatives are in good hands.

— Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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