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National Senior Health and Fitness Day 2016 to be Celebrated

May 25, 2016 – The country is about to celebrate the 23rd National Senior Health and Fitness Day. With the theme “Improve Your Health for a Better Self,” over 100,000+ seniors all over the US, together with more than 1,000 local organizations will be participating in the said celebration.

In celebration of such event, various localities will be holding their own activities – in adherence to guidelines stipulated by the National Senior Health and Fitness Day organizers. Participating organizations shall receive a free 2016 Senior Day t-shirt, free subscription to FitnessDay news, a free membership in the American Senior Fitness Association, a free 2017 Senior Health Calendar, free entry certificate for the 2017 National Mature Media Award, and others.

Considered vital in strengthening seniors’ health, fitness and camaraderie, this yearly gathering truly brings forth memorable experiences to our dear elderly. Likewise, with the aid of home care services, this can also be made possible – allowing them to maximize their quality of living with the help of trusted care providers.

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