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Elderly Married Women, of Greater Tendency to become Frail than Widows

Many perceive being married as more advantageous. In fact, lots of studies have shown that married individuals gain several benefits – that to include lesser chances of functional impairment. However, according to the latest study of the Journal of Women’s Health, it is the unmarried female elderly with a reduced risk of being frail.

Frailty is a usual state linked with advanced age, and is the gradual loss of cognitive and physiologic capability, increasing the risk of functional deficiencies and health impairments. According to the research, one is categorized as frail when he or she loses weight unintentionally, walks more slowly than the usual, becomes weak, has lower energy levels, and becomes exhausted.

True enough, no matter what state the elderly is in, it is also very helpful to get some assistance in case frailty occurs. In this case, home care services can be of help too. With trusted health care providers, your elderly loved ones are assured to receive the best care they deserve.

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