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How to Prevent Alzheimer’s: Brain Boosting Activities for Seniors

Getting old does not necessarily equate to mental deterioration. With appropriate activities for seniors, you can prevent Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in March, regular dancing, walking, swimming, cycling, as well as gardening may greatly prevent Alzheimer’s. Through exercise, experts state, mental ability turns out better (especially of seniors). Research shows that physically active individuals have more gray matter on their brains, indicating higher-level thinking and better memory recall.

How frequent or intense should activities be, you ask? Well, so far, this is still unknown. However, as mentioned, studies have proven that physical activities do aid in strengthening mental function. Aside from this, it is undeniable that home care services also play a huge role in the promotion of an active lifestyle for seniors – most especially when it comes to companionship and recreation. With experienced and compassionate caregivers to assist you, you or your loved ones can get the best quality of life possible.

— Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

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