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Senior Care Technology: 4 Innovative Products

We’ll be the first to admit that, when it comes to caregiving, we are new technology nerds. From smarter videoconferencing to robotic care providers, we’ve explored many of the tech trends in caregiving, particularly in senior care.

A recent event, the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit, showcased senior technology trends and products as part of the annual Aging in America conference in Chicago. The topics and presentations are too many to review in detail here, but we thought we’d highlight a few of the new products that grabbed our attention as home caregivers.

Here are four innovations that caught our eye:


Based primarily on a video and messaging platform, Cubigo utilizes a series of “Cubes™” tech apps to help seniors live better at home. Communication, safety, and comfort are emphasized. Cubigo Social provides single-click video conferencing and messaging within a social, family, and caregiving network, as well as identification and scheduling of events and services. Cubico Care – provides automated monitoring of an individual’s medical care plan and access to information on nutrition, fitness, and chronic disease support. Through the use of auxiliary alarms, scales, and sensors, users can do everything from track their weight to participate in telemedicine. Cubico Services provides reduced prices for home shopping, meals, transportation services, and other comfort services, all of which can be scheduled with a few clicks.


The Eversound Shared Listening System provides an improved listening experience for seniors, utilizing radio frequency technology. Sound is broadcast to single or multiple headphones. The system can be used with or without hearing aids, and includes a hub, headphones, and a storage case. In group settings, individual volume controls personalize the experience for multiple listeners within a 100-meter radius. Whether attending a lecture or enjoying a movie, older adults can look forward to heightened enjoyment of the listening experience.

Panasonic HomeTeam

Designed to enhance the video chat experience for grandparents and grandchildren, Panasonic HomeTeam is essentially a smart phone app that provides curated content; e.g., interactive books and games for individuals to share during a video call. The service allows users to interact more actively and forge stronger connections. Fewer awkward conversational pauses will occur when users are mutually engaged in an enjoyable activity. HomeTeam can be used on iOS or Android tablets as well as computers, through Apple App or Google Play store apps or web browsers.


With over 100 peer-reviewed articles demonstrating its benefits, Posit Science feels confident in promoting BrainHQ for improved brain functioning in seniors. BrainHQ consists of a series of 29 different brain exercises and cognitive tests that focus on the following areas: memory, executive function, movement, auditory-language, and visual-spatial function. An unexpected benefit of the program has been a documented decrease in fall risk for older adults.

At Homecare California, we integrate technology into many of the services we offer. While nothing will replace the human touch in caregiving, innovative tech products and services can make community living a workable option for many seniors.

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