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What to Do with Your Stuff: Geriatric Care Manager Offers Practical Advice for Seniors

An empty-nest couple prepares to downsize into a smaller apartment, but is overwhelmed by all the decisions to make: what to keep? what to sell? what to give away?

A medically frail senior prepares her will, but also wants to designate specific items for particular loved ones and let them know the significance of these family heirlooms. She struggles with how to organize this information.

The above scenarios are two typical examples of the problems many older adults run into as they face new life choices and decisions. For those of us who work in the home care field, it is a common dilemma we see. People confronted with illness or aging often feel unprepared to reorganize their lives, and their families are often faced with the aftermath of poor planning.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could write a how-to book on how to better organize and plan for many of the issues that face older adults? We’re happy to report that counselor, Certified Senior Advisor, and Geriatric Care Manager, Lois G. Tager, M.Ed., CSA has done just that, in “What to Do with Your Stuff.”

The author has seen her share of downsizing and organizing nightmares among her own clients. After also working with the Alzheimer’s Association facilitating caregiver groups and serving as the Director of Geriatric Care Management in an area law firm, she has become known as the “concierge” of senior services and became a go-to person for Santa Clara Valley individuals and businesses needing a fresh take on senior advocacy. Full discloser: We have worked closely with Lois in her capacity as a geriatric care manager and consider her a vital area resource.

“What to Do with Your Stuff” teaches the fine art of organizing, documenting, and disposing of possessions, as well as providing general legal information, and even a journal in which to record decisions, inventory possessions, and keep track of what is important for financial, health, and family reasons. The guide is designed to reduce conflict – and any time one talks about downsizing or giving away possessions, conflict seems inevitable—and facilitate practical decision making. The book includes chapters on such topics as “Making Decisions,” “Legal Tips on Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and More,” and “Making Life Choices.”

This Santa Clara County resident continues to work closely with organizations and families seeking the best geriatric care solutions. Whatever your age, however, you will find practical advice in Lois Tager’s book to help you deal with coming life choices.

For yourself or for a loved one, we encourage you to check out “What to Do with Your Stuff,” available at the author’s website.

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