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Senior Center Classes Offer Exercise Options for All

By now, we all know the benefits to seniors of exercise and other vigorous physical activity. Life expectancy increases with as little as a few minutes of exercise per day, and older adults experience improved strength, balance, and agility.

The Santa Clara Senior Center, like many area senior centers, offers a wide variety of fitness classes for individuals over the age of 50. They range from classes that improve physical safety to those that are just plain fun!

Take a look at a recent list of offerings at the center:

  • Jazzercise – Cardio, strength building, and stretching are incorporated into a upbeat jazz program, with modifications offered for all fitness levels.

  • Dance for Health – Basic jazz dance steps are taught, along with exercises to strengthen balance and flexibility. Learning new steps even helps seniors’ memorization skills!

  • No Falls S.O.S. – A basic class that emphasizes falls prevention. Classes are designed to promote core strength and spatial awareness, along with basic flexibility and balance. Individuals who rely upon mobility aids are particularly encouraged to enroll.

  • Fitness for All – These chair-based exercises allow individuals with varying degrees of fitness and mobility to participate

  • Strength and Conditioning – Promotes toning and strengthening to enhance general health. Includes stretching exercises and light aerobics to help endurance and range of motion. The intermediate class teaches proper use of circuit-training machines.

  • Zumba Gold® — This Latin dance-influenced workout routine provides a low-impact, simple fitness regimen that also provides a musical party atmosphere for participants.

  • Pilates Mat: Building the Foundation – Focuses on the basic principles of Pilates, including concentration on the physical core to improve strength and flexibility. Exercises are modified to meet the needs of individual participants.

  • Tai Chi for Life! – Beginning and intermediate classes teach the ancient martial art that not only strengthens the body, but provides relaxation and greater mental clarity.

Exercise instructors at the Santa Clara Senior Center include staff with experience in therapeutics, physical rehabilitation, and certified personal training. If you or someone you know would like to register for classes or obtain additional information, you can contact the center at (408) 615-3170.

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