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Homecare California Visits the Mid-Peninsula Widow and Widowers Association

Last night, Greg Hartwell our Managing Director, had the honor of presenting to the members of the Mid-Peninsula Widow and Widowers Association at their monthly meeting held at Los Altos Lutheran Church Hall on 460 S El Monte Ave. in Los Altos.

Founded in 1976, The Association has over 250 members from the local community and strives to create a safe environment for local widows and widowers to form friendships, support one another, and enjoy interesting activities. Members participate in various social events, educational programs, and information sessions to assist the healing process and allow for a new sense of belonging.

The members were interested in learning more about the options for receiving assistance at home as they age. Mr. Hartwell presented the key points from his home care guide available free for download – 7 Key Things to Know Before Hiring In-Home Care in California. The overview included key questions families should consider before hiring an in-home care service such as:

  • What exactly is “home care”

  • What are the benefits of home care?

  • What are my options for obtaining home care?

  • What legal and tax issues should I understand?

  • How do I pay for care and what are the associated costs?

  • Which hiring option is right for me?

  • How can I trust a care provider?

Homecare California takes an educational approach with prospective clients to help them make the best choice for themselves and their loved ones. If you have any questions yourself about in-home care, please contact a Homecare California care manager who will be glad to answer your questions and provide guidance.

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